Friday, July 20, 2012

Dealing with the Aftermath in Aurora

By now, I’m sure most of you have heard of the shooting at the Colorado movie theater and the appalling number of dead and injured. If you haven’t, here’s a link to the CNN story, but you may want to grab a tissue first:

And, I’m guessing you probably also heard of the idiot politician from Texas and his asinine response to the shooting:

Not only did Rachel Maddow do a good job of handling a response to him, but my friend Kallan Kennedy also responded and vented a lot of my feelings as well, here:

Having dealt with some of our horror and our anger at the situation, it occurs to me there’s more the magical community can do.

I know a lot of people are already lighting candles, saying prayers for the victims, and I applaud them for their considerate acts.  I’m also thinking the larger community of Aurora Colorado needs healing from the shock, the employees of the movie theater, the uninjured witnesses, and the theater itself could use a good spiritual cleansing before any otherworldly nasty takes up residence there and feeds off of the energy saturating the place and perpetuates it.

You will, of course, have to find whatever words and actions work best for your own spiritual path, but here is what I have been saying today, to shape the energy I send to Aurora Colorado..

I call the Light to banish the shadows of fear and terror.
I call the quiet Dark to take away the terror of the place and draw the memories into the void.
I call the Air to blow clean all traces of madness and terror.
By the power of our joined tears, we wash away the blood and sorrow.
We call on the Earth to cleanse and neutralize the energies again, and allow the spirits of the place to heal and make it safe to laugh, cry, and be entertained once more.
May the community’s sorrow be finite and end at the appropriate time.
May the anger be channeled into positive change.
May the survivors be blessed with healing, and may their trauma be short-lived.
And may Justice be served.
So May It Be Done.

I'm burning a mixture of sage, rosemary, and lavender on charcoal, with white, black, and pale blue candles burning, and focusing my eyes on a map of Aurora Colorado to send the energy there.

May they find peace, and may harmony be restored.