Thursday, May 29, 2014

Delicious Spirituality

I love humor.  I think that humor is one of the most effective teaching methods because of the way laughter makes us feel.  It probably fires little shocks of joy down our neural pathways when we remember lessons learned while we’re laughing, and those memories become something we value because of the associated feelings.  Plus, when we’re laughing we’re taking in more oxygen which makes us think more and probably better.

My brilliant pal Loren shared on Facebook a video clip of Patton Oswalt talking about Religion and Sky Cake.  For your amusement, the clip is here, but make sure you come back to read the rest:

I watched it a few times, because it made me laugh.  But then it got me thinking…

Paganism isn’t really a religion.  It’s an umbrella philosophy that holds many religions underneath it, as well as a lot of non-religious but very philosophical self-aware thinkers.

We don’t insist on any one flavor of cake.  We have lots of cakes, cookies, pies, and other confections to share, and we do so gleefully.  We may prefer one kind of spiritual dessert over another, but for the most part our big bunch of dessert enthusiasts don’t insist that there is only one true cake and that no one else should ever partake of their own favorite dessert.

And that’s not to say that our way is better than the people who believe in the One True Dessert.  I do though, think our way of the dessert smorgasbord is better for me personally, because it means I use more of my brain thinking about the other options and choosing.  And even though I might prefer the Sky Baklava, it doesn’t mean I can’t once in a while have Cake as well.  My personal religion lets me have any darn dessert I please.