Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Salvaging Power

I woke up from a wild dream this morning featuring a fictional character I’m developing, and he was sitting in a coffee shop across the street from an evangelical church.  The church was having one of those big “stir everybody up” sort of sermons about the evils of homosexuality and liberalism, and my gay pagan character shifted into Oversight to watch the energy build, and then began siphoning it away to use for his own purposes.


As I was showering and getting ready for work, I started thinking about the possibilities involved in actually doing what the character in the dream was doing.  Salvaging psychic/magical power out of something like that, passing it through a filter to neutralize the intent that generated it, and directing the energy into something positive for the earth, or for society.


Let’s face it, most churchgoers today don’t believe in psychic power or energy except as something devil-related and while they may generate a lot of it, they don’t send it anywhere.  You’d have to be detached enough from your emotions to effectively filter it, and make it “neutral” energy, but in theory it should be possible.  And wouldn’t that be kind of a riot?  Using the energy people like Westboro Baptist raise in hate to fuel magic to do some good in the world just seems deliciously ironic to me.  Maybe a little wicked, too.


What the heck, embrace the wicked wonderfulness within and see what happens.