Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Working Witch

I've had people ask me why I wasn't more active in the pagan community.
Why, with my 30+ years of experience with magic, ritual, etc. I haven't written a book or founded a tradition, or have dozens of former students and am running groups.

The answer is really simple:   I work for a  living.

Between work, chores, and owning a home this single witchy guy doesn't really have a lot of free time.  If you look at dates on my blog, you'll see just how sporadic it all is.  Sure, I have time to fart around on Facebook but that's done in 5-10 increments between doing other things around the house.

Add to that, I'm an introvert, and you'll understand that being around a lot of people just wears me out.

I barely have time/energy to have dinner with friends once a week.  And they're all busy too, doing the same things I'm doing.

Yes, I'm still practicing my Craft and observing my holy days and meditating in private, but that's about it.  My personal time is spent trying to recharge my batteries from the work day/week and that's about it.

I'm a little envious of the people who have the time and energy to be full-time professional witches.  It sounds like a lot more fun than my drudging around the office trying to make other people happy enough to let me keep my job, paycheck, and benefits.

There are so many people in my situation that I'd hazard a guess that we're in the majority in the pagan community.  I don't go to a lot of public events because if they're on the weekend, I'm still trying to recover from the work week and I just don't have the energy to spend.  Yesterday after running some errands, I came home and had a 2 1/2 hour nap.  I'm trying not to take a nap today because I've got a student coming over later, so every time I feel like I'm about to fall asleep I get up and go do something.  But in all honesty, I just want to curl up with a good book and alternate between snoozing and reading.  If I could have a super power right this minute, I'd change the world so that we had 5-day weekends and 2-day work weeks and keep our paychecks.  Maybe then I'd catch up on my rest?