Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pagans Who Pray

Some people, both pagan and non-pagan, are surprised when they criticize "religious" people and I speak up and say "Hey wait a minute, I'm very religious".  I don't run around praising gods and goddesses all over the place, because my relationship with Them is quite personal and private.

But, like my grandmother, I have a list of people I pray for every night before I go to bed.  The difference is that mine is written down on a piece of paper bordered with sigils for healing, blessing, protection, and comfort because I am a witch, and that's how I roll.  On the odd occasion that I have to remove someone from the list for whatever reason, I rewrite the list.   I also consecrate it once a month when the moon is full to keep the blessing "fresh" on it.

I know that because of a lot of peoples past relationship with various Christian churches the thought of what I do horrifies them, and some even think I'm just substituting pagan god names for the Christian god and doing something I grew up with.  The catch is, I've never been Christian.  I was never baptized, never attended church, etc.  This is my pagan practice, my nightly ritual and spell work that I generally keep private.

Please note that I'm leaving a lot of details out, in the interest of *keeping* it private.  But I can't help feel like it's almost my "dirty little secret" because if a lot of my pagan friends found out, they'd probably think less of me for it.

Well to heck with it.  I'm coming out.  I'm Pagan.  I'm a Witch.  I pray, and I'm proud of it.


  1. I don't see praying as a Christian practice. Its just one of those universal things that all spiritual people do. If you have a relationship with any deity, prayer is just one way to communicate with god/Goddess, spirits etc..

    That said, I do think if your going to pray for people, it needs to be done respectfully. No praying that they see something your way. If they haven't requested you pray for them, then you should probably stay out of it. (Not saying You specifically. just a universal You...)

  2. The great thing about paganism is that we each get to dictate what is most comfortable for us to do or not do. I'm perfectly fine with folks who don't have anything to do with gods at all, doesn't hurt my practice or beliefs one little bit. They're doing what's right for them, I'm doing what's right for me, and we can all get along as long as we mutually respect one another. I think that's what is most important.