Sunday, October 16, 2011

Snooze, Lose, do something New

Ah, Procrastination..

I’ve been calling my particular brand of Wicca a “Greenwood Tradition” for about 15 years, and I haven’t been writing down what makes it different than standard British Traditional Wicca.  I did a quick Google search 10 years ago, and didn't find anyone else using it, so I kept calling what I do Greenwood.

Now, I’m ready to start the writing project and go public with it.  The catch?  Someone in Canada is already using the name for their tradition, and has 5 covens in the tradition.  I'm certainly not going to pitch a fit about it, they took a good idea and ran with it.  I didn't act on it, and so someone else created a tradition with the same name that appears to be going quite well for them.

So, having learned that lesson and thought about what to rename what I do, I have now updated my Witchvox profile and am posting here for the first time the beginning of the Riverwood tradition of Wicca.

The city I live in has 2 rivers running through it, and a lot of trees, so I honor the spirits of my hometown in the name.  Rivers bend and flow, with calm places and rapids - much like life.  And trees grow, change to adapt to their surroundings, survive lightning strikes, and remain beautiful.

The Riverwood tradition is an evolving thing, changing to adapt to the needs of the 21st century witch, and dropping from the practice things that no longer work.  The focus will be on celebrating the cycle of life, helping the members of the tradition grow and heal from past experiences, and live in harmony with the elemental energies around us.

Blessed Be!


  1. It's appropriate at this time of year for you to take stock and do something new. Good for you honey!

  2. It feels good, Alan, I like it. *water rushing, water flowing* Nice!

  3. I like the sound of it. There's a constant that flows through Life. Riverwood immediately makes me think of a natural setting.

  4. I like the name Riverwood, the idea that you honor the spirits of your hometown, as well as your description of your Tradition. I'd like to learn more.