Monday, March 25, 2013

My Psychic Day

So last night, I didn't do so great at the sleeping part. I just kept waking up, thinking it was time to get up. This is the primary reason I hate getting up before the sun – when you know you shouldn't be awake before sunrise, you never have to check the clock.

So anyway, I got up and did the usual morning routine, spiritual cleansing and got dressed for work and out the door on time.

I should have realized my shielding wasn't up to par when every single person on the freeway around me was like hearing a bee buzz at the edge of my hearing.

Got to the office, shielded the car from thieves as usual and walked into the office. Someone sprayed something “fragrant” in the downstairs lobby and I got upstairs as quickly as I could. I kept hearing yelling. Not angry, just yelling. But it was only in my head and I couldn't tell who I was hearing.

Then I got to my cubicle and the muscle tension started. I was getting bleedover from everyone. Here's what that means. I bad taste in my mouth and feeling like my jaw was clenched – the guy in the next cubicle is having problems with his wisdom teeth and is in pain.

Someone somewhere in the building was upset and it had me feeling a little nauseated.

Someone else was laughing about something sarcastically, and it felt like I'd just had a bite of really tart cherry pie.

I saw that somebody had scattered my circle of quartz crystals over the weekend, so I did a psychic cleansing on my space as well as the crystals and reformed them into a circuit to boost my shielding. Things died down to a dull roar and the inner noises went into the background for a while.

I went downstairs to take my manager a book, and his office door was closed. I went to knock, and I smelled poo and heard a toilet flush so I waited. Yep, there he was a minute or two later coming down the hall. I hate psychically smelling poo. It's just so … well... icky.

And then as we were chatting, I could feel how tired he was. Fortunately, I had a meeting at 9am to go to and didn't spend a lot of time in there with him.

One of the people I was meeting with was saying she was tired, but she felt alert and “bright” to me, so meeting with her was a nice respite from everything else so far that day.

That was just the first hour I was at the office. I'm home now, my nerves are frazzled from trying to shut everything out today especially at the grocery store after work.

I have felt arthritis, headaches, toothache, irritation, worry, and grief today (not sure who was feeling that at work) and I'm frankly exhausted. On the up side, no mental images of anyone having sex hit my radar. Thank goodness!

Hoping a night of sleep puts everything right again, I've already done the sage and frankincense thing in the bedroom. And if it doesn't, I'm putting on the hematite bracelet and putting the onyx in my pants pocket before I leave tomorrow. I may do that anyway, just in case.


  1. I felt every bit of that as I read it. Wow, what a day! *gentle hugs* Hope the rest of your week is better, love!

  2. Thank you my friend! This morning, all I'm sensing around me is Life, so at least I'm not picking up on the neighbors :)

  3. Damn, I wrote "I hope your week is better" and then saw that Kallan had written the same. You know what they say, 'Great witchy minds, she the same sex images in their heads.' I'm pretty sure someone said that, maybe me.

    Seriously, hope your week is lovely and full of the things that make you smile ;-)

  4. It got a lot better, it was just one really rough day :)

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